Xeno Crisis - Original Sound Track - CD

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Xeno Crisis original sound track on a high quality pressed audio CD presented in a shrink wrapped jewel case. Featuring every track from the game, originally composed by the master of the YM2612 himself, Savaged Regime.

The soundtrack has been recorded at 16 bit, 96kHz, captured from the NukedOPN2 cycle accurate playback engine using vgmplay, ensuring the best audio quality possible. It has then been carefully mastered by Featurecast for the audio CD.

1. Intro
2. Title
3. Perimeter (Area 1)
4. Facility (Area 2) / Trayus*
5. Dunes (Area 3)
6. Nest (Area 4)
7. Forest (Area 5)
8. Lab (Area 6)
9. HQ (Area 7)
10. Boss 1
11. Boss 2
12. Boss 3
13. Boss 4
14. Game Over
15. Continue
16. Stage Clear
17. Cutscene
18. Upgrade
19. Ending

* Trayus licensed from Skyharbor (https://skyharborband.com/)

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